Meet Our Professionals

F&B Financial Group employs seasoned mortgage/financial professionals whose primary objective is to provide consultative mortgage services to our valued clients. Our goal as an organization is to obtain life-long clients and to build and maintain a trusted relationship so that each and every one of our clients has a trusted mortgage source at their disposal for the remainder of their lives. Each individual listed below adheres to the primary objective of F&B Financial Group and we are proud to employ each of them.

Chris Fox

Phone: 314-567-9795 x101

Cell: 314-494-2388

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NMLS 299552

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Matt Scott
Vice President

Phone: 314-567-9795 x107

Cell: 314-496-9506

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NMLS 240481

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Patrick Quigley
Senior Mortgage Banker

Phone: 314-567-9795 x104

Cell: 314-578-3462

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NMLS 327398

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Sue King
Senior Mortgage Banker

Phone: 314-567-9795 x134

Cell: 314-308-7939

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NMLS 276107

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Berto Garcia
Senior Mortgage Banker

Cell: 314-568-4802

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NMLS 283916

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Ted Overall
Senior Mortgage Banker

Phone: 314-567-9795 x108

Cell: 314-712-4145

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NMLS 265253

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Mike McKillips
Senior Mortgage Banker

Phone: 314-567-9795 x130

Cell: 314-973-2965

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NMLS 1358550

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Bob Obermeier
Senior Mortgage Banker

Phone: 314-567-9795 x135

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NMLS 295987

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Matt Obermeier
Senior Mortgage Banker

Phone: 314-899-5028

Cell: 314-602-3173

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NMLS 293928

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Joann Lerch
Mortgage Banker

Phone: 314-567-9795 x131

Cell: 314-497-9633

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NMLS 615340

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Matt Shymanski
Mortgage Banker/LOA

Phone: 314-567-9795 x110

Cell: 314-761-5903

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NMLS 1572469

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David Cornthwaite
Mortgage Banker/LOA

Phone: 314-567-9795 x106

Cell: 636-734-5754

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NMLS 2073810

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